When we talk about AEC, we have been around for the past two decades knowing the edges and curves in all the aspects related to MBBS abroad. Being one of the best MBBS consultancy in Kerala, India and the first Overseas Education Consultants to send students for MBBS in China from India and implementing the Indian curriculum of education in China University for MBBS. We have sent over 3500 students, out of which more than 800 are practicing as doctors around the world. AEC HELPS TO CREATE THE STORY OF EVERY STUDENT WHO ASPIRES TO BECOME A MBBS DOCTOR. Right from the time of enquiry AEC starts guiding each student by understanding their goals and interests. We set them on a path where they can graduate with the best MBBS degree certificates and give them a price that is based on their budget. Providing admission in best medical colleges abroad that our students dream off with scholarships that are recognized by NMC (formerly known as MCI) and WHO. offering 6-year programs with 5years of education and one year of internship for MBBS. Having heard all this, we can gain the basic idea of what AEC can offer their students.

It does not stop here. AEC supports our students by keeping a continuous relationship with both students and parents at the same time to help them throughout their education in MBBS and to guide them if they get stuck or face a problem during the time of education and even once they have graduated and become a MBBS doctor. We have branches within and outside of the university campus in different foreign countries for our students to rely on. Moreover, for our students to feel safe and not to feel homesick we give them hostels in universities that provide Indian style of food and also hostels with separate stay for women and men.