China Three Gorges University

The China Three Gorges University established in 2000, is state government medical university. A university, which comprises the former university of Hydraulic & Electric Engineering / Yichang and Hubei Sanxian University (Medical School of the Three Gorges College), and is one of the key Universities which are being constructed in Hubei Province. Besides, CTGU is one of the first universities which was conferred the qualification for recruiting foreign students. CTGU has 20 teaching units, 18 programs for postgraduate students, 24 more specialties for the master’s program, and a doctoral program. There are 48 specialties for undergraduate students in 8 fields, such as medicine, science, engineering, arts, management, economics, law, and pedagogy. The university covers 220 hectares of land. There are 1,630,000 volumes of books and periodicals in the central library. There are a total of 24,000 students, including all undergraduate, postgraduate, and foreign students. There are more than 11,000 adult students