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AEC, established in 2002 by Dr. Neyas Mohammed, M.D (radiology). 18 years of experience in the field of abroad education, having successfully sent over 3500 students to the best foreign countries for medical and technology studies like the united states of America, Canada, Ireland, UK, Spain, China.


An extensive network of associate offices across India and partnered with 70 organizations in 17 different foreign countries for providing MBBS and Technology studies abroad. AEC doesn't want to push our ideas on to our students, we simply want to make what our students want.


"We have it even before you know it". A variety of options for our students to do MBBS and Technology studies at the top medical and technical universities in the best foreign countries abroad for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.


Asian Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd has become the reputed education consultancy firm based in India for MBBS and Technology studies abroad, over the past 15 years since initiation all prospective students can avail for all foreign education services. The vision is to provide right guidance and transparent transitions to the youth through the knowledge and expertise AEC has acquired over the years. AEC was established in the year 2002 by Dr. Neyas Muhammad, a practicing doctor with doctorate in medicine. He started to contemplate about quality higher education  abroad without losing the essence and quality in Indian education system. He identified MBBS and Engineering universities in China who were willing to follow the Indian curriculum in English language along with the adaptation of their tech into the curriculum. AEC henceforth has become the soul associate for those universities to do MBBS and Technology studies in China. The journey continued AEC explored European countries, Russia, Australia, The US and partnered with reliable universities abroad. AEC has emerged as one of the Best educational consultancy in foreign education providing services in all streams of specializations.

" The Sole Reason We Are In Business Is To Create A Secure Future For Our Students "

The company has operated through it’s extensive network of partner offices across major cities in India and partner firms in other foreign countries. All of the offices have a corporate and up-to-the-minute look, also well-furnished and are equipped with presentation rooms and independent departments handling counseling, abroad admission Visas and Student support. We firmly believe in customized service to the students. Our strong professional approach provides students with all the available and updated information about MBBS education abroad to help them make sensible decisions to pick the right MBBS program and the top medical universities.

We represent most of the reputed educational institutions in various foreign countries across the world. Our visa success ratio, unmatched experience in the industry and the determination to offer the best, reliable and transparent services set us apart from the competition. We believe that abroad education requires proper planning to ensure that students choose the appropriate path. Keeping this in mind we assist students by giving comprehensive information about educational opportunities in foreign countries all over the world. We continuously believe in providing professional services to students and parents at all time.

Since, it’s inception we have successfully sent over 18000 students to various foreign countries and empowered them to complete their education abroad. According to a survey, AEC alone commands 60% of the foreign MBBS education sector from India and 80 % in the state of Kerala. Facilitating the process of foreign education for close to 2000 students a year gives us the edge as India’s leading company in the abroad education.

Headed by Dr. Neyas Mohammad, M.D. (Radiology), leads an agile and vibrant team drawing their experience and expertise in abroad education counselling, travel and student support services. The team of AEC is second to none and constantly striving to provide benchmark services and maintain their reputation as the best educational consultancy in foreign education sector.


Career Guidance and Course Selection

Top counseling sections and offering the most updated information regarding education abroad

Arranging and assisting admission

Providing all required documents and helping in filing the admission paperwork

Bank Loan Assistance

Working alongside various banks in India and different abroad countries AEC provides our customers with different options to apply for bank loan

Application Processing

Skimming and scanning through each of our student’s profile and understanding what they require and finding the most suitable medical universities

Visa guidance

Guiding our students with the entire process of applying for a visa and enlightening our students about all the requirements and legal rules

Travel Assistance

AEC provides its service by booking air tickets and giving the best available accommodation for our students in foreign countries


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