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In India not only students but also their parents dreaming that their child will be a doctor. Fulfilling this desire is not so easy for middle class families due to availability of fewer seats for medicine across the country and the colossal fee structure. But, all hope is not lost. Aspiring doctors can now do MBBS study abroad to make their dreams come true.

I know most of you now think that, “What rubbish! If medical fees in India are touching sky, then how can we afford MBBS study abroad for our young one?”  But let me clear you that, your inference is absolutely erroneous. Nowadays, there are many countries such as China, Russia, and other European countries which provide best and affordable education in medical along with optimum accommodation and other facilities for the ones who opting for MBBS study abroad.

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Welcome to Asian Educational Consultancy. We are a pioneer in the domain of overseas education in India with an experience of over one decade. We aim in assisting Indian students to avail the best education in the field of Medical, Engineering, MBA, etc. in the most cost-effective manner. Asian Educational Consultancy was established in 2002

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